About Us

We have the knowledge, skills and track record in a wide range of industry sectors which allow us to engage with business people, audit and design solutions that meet the business needs.

Once designed our teams can then implement, document and train on the new systems.

We have done it professionally for over 20 years for commercial, not for profit / NGO, health service, local & state government sectors across Australia.

At ATSG, we focus on simplicity, user experience, leveraging existing technologies, documentation / process and maximising access and use of data sources.

In simple terms, we help you utilise technology for a smarter and more intelligent business.

How do we do this:

  • Consulting Services
    We understand what consulting services are required and how they need to be delivered to achieve your business outcomes.
  • IT Design & Managed Services
    Our team will design and provide managed IT support that will enable your business rather than hinder it.
  • Digital Services
    We offer a complete digital solution from business analysis to building advanced and sustainable relationships between technology and your business to drive efficiency and profitable return on investment.

The benefits of our invaluable experience for your business.

The ATSG team has designed, developed and delivered a wide-range of ICT solutions for our clients that include VoIP & Telephony, Internet Carriage & Public Networks, CCTV & Security, User Security Awareness Training and Business Security & Auditing.

Our strong technology background enables us to deliver improved business outcomes and digital transformations through a range of IT solutions.